Wedding DJ Prices
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Wedding DJ Prices

The average cost for a wedding DJ ranges from $600 to $3,000, with a national average of $1,200, according to TheKnot

Average Wedding DJ Costs

Here is a look at typical wedding DJ prices across the U.S.:

Budget-Friendly DJ

Whereas this might be okay when you’re buying toilet paper, it probably won’t be the best idea for something as important to your wedding as the DJ you hire. In the end, so much of your wedding day is going to center around music, additionally, a wedding DJ is more than simply a DJ.

By all means, if your professional DJ friend is just charging you $550 as a favor, that’s something else. However, wedding DJs in these price ranges are usually just starting out in the industry. They’re most likely doing this part-time as a side hustle and might have scheduling conflicts leading them to not showing up.

Average Cost: $500-700

Professional Full-Time DJ

Professional, full-time DJs that have a wide range of services are making this amount of money for a reason.

They have talent, experience, and are 100% devoted to making sure the weddings they DJ at are as close to flawlessness as they can. They usually spend 10-30 hours preparing for a 5-hour wedding…THAT’S devotion! They’re available for your questions, have a multitude of song suggestions, and can MC like they were born to do it.

They are also going to be fully licensed and carries the kind of insurance that a lot of venues require.

Average Cost: $1,300-$3,000

Wedding DJ Costs Per Hour

You can expect to pay the following range of prices depending on experience and quality of your DJ per hour:

  • 3 Hours: $450-$900
  • 4 Hours: $600-$1,200
  • 5 Hours: $750-$1,500
  • 6 Hours: $900-$1,800

Prices will depend on a variety of factors. For instance, some DJs will offer all-inclusive wedding packages. However, these offerings are not that common nowadays. Always ask DJs for a list of services and rates. Ask ahead of time if the DJs will charge for overtime, if necessary. Always make sure to ask the DJ to estimate how long his setup and tear-down time will take.

Overall, the cost of a wedding DJ can range from $600-$3,000, with an average price of $1,200.

Wedding DJ Cost

Wedding DJ Costs Factors

If some of these prices seem high, always take into account that DJs provide far more than a playlist. Here are some of the factors influencing overall cost of a DJ’s presence:


Time relates not only to how long the wedding lasts, but how long the DJ has to prepare a specific setlist for your special day. DJs will spend a lot of time creating a unique playlist and script for the wedding party. On the wedding day, the DJ will have to travel, set up, perform and tear down.


Part of the expense of a DJ goes toward making sure he/she has the best equipment possible and it is all up to date. There’s nothing worse than the DJ’s equipment failing during the event.


A DJ does have to purchase any music they intend on using. Make sure to ask about any operational or insurance costs that may be included in the service.

What Services Do Wedding DJs Provide?

A wedding DJ will play an assortment of recorded music, and, of course, can take requests ahead of time or during the ceremony. The DJ may also act as the emcee for the event. This simply means the DJ can make any needed announcements during the service, including the introduction of the newlyweds and so on. A great DJ will excel at both roles and help make the wedding a fun and memorable experience for all. DJs will typically provide their own equipment, and some may even offer lighting, video screens and photo booths.

Should I Hire A DJ For My Wedding?

Of course, this decision is up to you and your partner. If picking between a band and DJ is becoming difficult, the suggestion is to consider what kinds of songs you’d like to hear at the ceremony. If you need a specific song with Adele’s voice on it, then hiring a DJ is the way to go. But if the sound of live instruments is coveted, a band will work best.

A band will usually cost more, so if budgeting is important to you, the suggestion is to opt for a DJ. The benefits of hiring a DJ are endless. The cost will be lower, plus there is no limit to what songs they can play. This is great for a wedding that encourages requests from everyone in the party.

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